Our Purpose

PIE provides a legal means to home school your children at a minimal cost to you - the parent.

Our Support

PIE's support system is in place to help you find the information you need so that you can make every step count toward a successful journey.

Our Services

PIE's accountability program, transcript and diploma services, and Website are in place to help you succeed in your journey.

The Office of PIE strives to:
Fulfill Our Purpose|Offer Support Where Needed|Establish Quality Services

Welcome to Palmetto Independent Educators website! This website is purposed to help you succeed in your homeschool journey. Feel free to use the contact information posted at the top of the page.












Supporting Members Through Knowledge Management

The office of PIE strives to help members succeed in their journey through knowledge management.
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Make Learning Goals
Over the past few years, an abundance of resources has become available to support the growing ranks of the home school community. It's now easier for families to get their program up and running.
Managing Curricula
Get a Learing Plan
When choosing a curriculum, the parent/teacher will need to consider each student’s individual needs, keeping up with state requirements, tools that are available for the teacher, and the overall costs of the program.
State Law
Attend Our Lessons
Home school families need to have a full understanding of the home school laws and their requirements. This section will help you become more aware of the State Law, history of homeschooling laws, and legal support.
Support System
Fulfill Study Goals
Though not required by law, we recommend you join a support group. If you've lent out some books or offered some advice to another homeschooling parent, then you have provided your support.
Record Keeping
Attend Our Lessons
Education records are perhaps the most intimidating part of an educational program for those considering homeschooling. After all, parents of children who attend either public or private schools are not responsible for this portion of the child's education.
High School
Fulfill Study Goals
As a child matures, you will want to involve them with activities that expose them to a wide range of opportunities that help to develop their interests. For the college-bound student, you will need to research possible scholarships, financial aid, and college admissions requirements.

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Third Option Accountability
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PIE provides the security of a proper legal covering while giving parents the freedom to choose and implement an educational program that best fits their child’s needs. Accountability requires the office of PIE to coordinate annually with members, as well as, each school district members reside in, and finally, South Carolina’s State Department of Education.