Tap into our 26+ years of experience in the homeschool community with an established history of serving over 3,800 membership families, as well as homeschooling two children from kindergarten through high school.


The educational process is a systematic, logical, and scientifically based course of action consisting of two interdependent operations – teaching and learning. As an independent educator, this is a process involving two interdependent players – parent and child.


Member families of Palmetto Independent Educators are our focus. We welcome and appreciate all opportunities when it comes to helping our members succeed. We enjoy what we do, and we're not going anywhere!

  • Membership Fee: Our goal is to keep our fees simple. PIE’s registration fee is $55 ($65 for first time membership) and covers the entire homeschool program for one school year. Adding and removing students are based on your needs. Existing members can save $10 by registering between June 1st and August 15th at the beginning of each school year. The details are described in the Cover Letter, and these dates are posted on PIE’s Calendar.
  • Transcript/Report Card Fee: The office of PIE recommends formatting a transcript once a student has completed the 9th Grade. Doing so allows the parent to plan accordingly for the best outcome at the end of the student’s senior year and avoid expedited service fees. Doing so also provides PIE time to keep up with ranking and GPA for students eligible for scholarships. On more than one occasion, we notified an unexpecting parent that their student was a candidate for a scholarship due to the student’s transcript on file.
    • Full Transcript: $50 per student (log in to see transcript service for details)
    • Partial transcripts and/or report cards vary according to needs (please contact the office)
  • Diploma Kit Fee: Honoring your child’s achievements is an important part of your program. For example, earning a high school diploma is a major achievement. Celebrating this important milestone is an important part of providing structure and gives you something to look forward to as your child transitions into new phases of life. Palmetto Independent Educator’s emerald-green diploma kit is a great souvenir to present to your child on graduation day. The cost of the Diploma Kit is $35 (log in to see diploma kit for details).
  • Late Fees: Late fees apply when enrollment/registration or services rendered are not completed promptly. Late fees are avoidable. Members can subscribe to the Calendar Update Notifications for updates and reminders (log in to see PIE's Calendar for details).


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