Members are required to log in to access the member center of PIE's Website. Cell phone users can access the login point by selecting the phone image to the right. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the member center.

The member center is provided to improve your experience by helping you find information, resources, and services relevant to your needs, all in one place. Once logged in, the system recognizes you as authorized to view content intended for active members.

From the member center, you can:

  • Access Record-Keeping Insights and Knowledge Base (frontline support).
  • Access the Document Library to download record-keeping tools.
  • Find relevant and time-sensitive information, resources, and secure content designed exclusively for members of PIE.

Be sure to visit often, as we are adding more resources and content regularly.

How to log in

Members must first be added to the member center. When a member is added to the member center, they will receive an email with further instructions concerning their username and initial password. If a member has not received their email, they should contact the office for assistance.

Once you receive the email, you will click the login button in the yellow bar at the top right-hand side of the Web page. Enter the username and initial password by following the details provided in the email.

Once logged in, members should change their password and store it in a safe location for future reference.

Once you have logged in and have changed your password, if you forget your login credentials, you will need to contact the office of PIE for a password reset. The password reset function is not automated at this time.

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