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Beginner Permit

A person at least fifteen years of age may apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles for a beginner's permit. The student will be required to provide proof of residency. This document should contain their full name, date of birth, sex, race, and residence address.

Proof of Residency

The DMV does accept a letter from the home school accountability association, which includes the name and current address of the student applying for the student permit or license. PIE members may contact the office of PIE for assistance.

Qualified Driver Training School Requirements

State House S.C. Code of Laws. SECTION 56-23-10. Driver training schools shall be licensed. No person may engage in the business of training or educating persons to drive or operate motor vehicles or offer training or education, for which a fee or charge is made, unless and until the person has obtained and holds a valid driver training school license issued by the department.

Automobile Driver Training School Regulations

Locating a School Near You

Search the Internet for "South Carolina driver training. Our search results included nineteen locations across the state.

Southland Driving Academy of Aiken

South Carolina Driver Training Search Results: Select View Larger Map to access a comprehensive list of schools in S.C.

Last Revised: 05/27/2023