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With our online forms in place, things just got easier. We are pleased to post our online Membership Referral Form, which is a tool used by members to earn rewards for recommending PIE as an accountability association to families eligible for home-school. Thank you, members, for your confidence in PIE.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Eligible Families: Families eligible to home school will receive a link to this online Membership Referral Form from a current member of PIE through their email. So, now, Eligible family - we have you here, and this is what we need you to do:
    • Eligible families need to register to become a member of PIE. That’s right; we want you to complete PIE’s online application form located on our Web site. You can access this form through the Enroll-Register link above
    • Next, as an eligible family, you will need to complete this form and submit it the same day you submit your online application form (the online application form, and this referral form, must be submitted on the same day and approved for credit to be applied).
  2. Existing Members: Members of PIE, this is what we need you to do. Email a link of this page to five or more eligible families you think may be interested in joining PIE. Have them enter your name and membership number in the designated fields located at the bottom of this page as a part of their application process. That’s right; they need to put your name and membership number on this form so you can get credit for the referral. Current members may receive up to five $10.00 reward credits in one given academic year. That’s like the equivalent of a free membership every year, except we know it’s not free because you worked hard for the referrals, and we appreciate you for it.
  3. Reward Credit: Once the office of PIE has processed the eligible family’s application package and referral form (received on the same day), and membership has been extended to the eligible family, the office of PIE will credit a $10.00 award toward the existing member’s rewards account. Be on the lookout for an email, because we’re prepared to track these referrals so you can get your credit. Also, be aware, members can apply their award credits toward PIE’s transcript and diploma services – it’s up to you!
  4. Tracking Credit: So here we are, prepared to track referrals with precision. We have software in place to make it happen. Communication is KEY, and we are going to communicate with you about the status of your rewards. When you receive a credit, you will receive an email updating your reward status and informing you of upcoming opportunities for you to cash in. You have one, two, three, four, five credits – well, then you should have as many emails. Just remember, once you reach five, you’ve got to use them up. Just cash in on your membership fee and give it another whirl.

Each year, existing members can email the following link to five or more eligible families. If five of your referred families complete the registration process with PIE, you receive a $50 credit toward your next school year membership.

Submitting registration fees is faster and simpler than referral rewards, which are processed using an invoice. The referral rewards invoices are processed manually, which requires additional communication (e.g., members are required to request an invoice). We are working on automating this process through the member center.

Share this Link: https://palmettoindependenteducators.com/ENROLL-REGISTER/Referral-Letter-Online

Thank you for participating in our referral program.

Membership Referral
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  • First, eligible families need to enter the name and membership number of the current member making the referral in the designated fields below. Second, eligible families need to complete and submit the application form the same day this referral form is submitted. Finally, the office of PIE will need to review the submitted application form and approve membership before credit for the referral is extended.

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