This resource is for families homeschooling under the auspices of Palmetto Independent Educators (PIE), a third option accountability association operating under South Carolina's Code of law, section 59-65-47.

Education records are perhaps the most intimidating part of an educational program for those considering homeschooling. After all, parents of children who attend either public or private schools are not responsible for this portion of their child's education.

The purpose of RECORD-KEEPING INSIGHTS is to help members of PIE gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the record-keeping process – power-up, so to speak. Record-keeping is an essential part of the homeschool program for many reasons that parents will want to take full advantage of and are not merely for satisfying law requirements.

For example, effective record-keeping is useful for:

  • Recording your child's achievements and experiences (knowledge and skills).
  • Planning and preparation, whether for returning to public school, scholarships, college, etc.
  • Promoting accurate records and setting the stage for a high-quality program.
  • Helping you find essential information when you need it.

On the other hand, a lack of records could serve as evidence toward accusations of neglect, or ultimately, make it difficult to access various educational services or support systems in the future.


Currently, the primary record-keeping software we used during our homeschool program is no longer available. Homeschool Easy Records by DataPlus-Solutions was a basic record-keeping program available for consumers on a national level. However, its functionality was not designed to produce the important documentation we needed formatted according to South Carolina's Uniform Grading Policy. Which meant the program was only useful to us as a lesson planner, calendar, and attendance tracker. Ultimately, we had to format key documentation for ourselves using Microsoft Office.

Since then, the office of PIE has continued to use Microsoft Word and Excel for designing and formatting documentation and record-keeping tools, which is useful for achieving the best results with customization. We are now using these tools to build and maintain an independent record-keeping system designed specifically for independent educators. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert documents to a portable document format (PDF), we can also create protected PDF forms for members to use.

Record-Keeping Insights will bring you up to speed with the necessary details to help you create your record-keeping tools; or you can jump in and use the tools already available through the Document Library.

PIE’s Record-Keeping Insights and Knowledge Base serve as our frontline support tools. These are online resources used to convey information to members. We encourage members to use these resources to find information relevant to their specific needs first. If you do not find answers to your questions through these resources, please contact the office using the information posted in the following list.

  • Record-Keeping Insights: Frontline support begins with insights. Gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the record-keeping process – power-up, so to speak.
  • Knowledge Base: Frontline support continues with our knowledge base. Visit the FAQ page for information relevant to your needs.
  • Email Support: If frontline support does not provide the information you need, consider using email. We also have a contact form configured to avoid junk email. Don’t forget to include your membership number, and please allow ample time for a response.
    https://palmettoindependenteducators.com/Contact (contact form)
  • Phone Support: If your situation is urgent, call and speak to the director. If the director is not available, leave a message, don’t forget to include your membership number, and the director will return your call ASAP. Again, please allow ample time for a response. Phone: (803) 649-2415 – Fax: (803) 643-1843