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Here at PIE, our mission is clear: to empower parents with the necessary tools, guidance, and resources essential for facilitating their child's education, from the foundational steps of elementary grades to the complexities of high school. We understand that homeschooling requires dedicated support, which is why we offer invaluable assistance and advice accessible around the clock (website). With PIE by your side, rest assured you'll be equipped to make well-informed decisions about your child's homeschool journey.

It's all about process management and communication!

As parents, we know that managing our homeschooling processes and staying in communication with our kids are the keys to success. When we're organized and keep the lines of communication open, we can ensure our children have everything they need to thrive. It's when we have to navigate the outside world that things can begin to feel overwhelming. But with the right strategies in place, we can handle those challenges too!

Here’s how our website serves as a frontline support system, addressing key areas crucial for homeschooling success:

  • Selecting Curriculum: Finding the right curriculum tailored to your child's learning style and grade level is paramount. PIE provides access to reviews and recommendations for a diverse range of options, including textbooks, workbooks, online courses, and educational apps.
  • Strategies for Assessment and Feedback: Evaluating student progress is vital, and PIE offers insight into effective assessment methods. From classroom assessments to rubrics and portfolios, we offer insight into gauging comprehension and growth.
  • Record-Keeping Support: Keeping accurate records is not just about compliance; it's about tracking your child's academic journey effectively. PIE offers guidance and assistance in maintaining records covering attendance, grades, coursework, and extracurricular activities.
  • Lesson Planning Support: Our practical guidance makes crafting engaging lesson plans easier. Explore suggestions for integrating hands-on activities, projects, and field trips into your curriculum to keep learning exciting and stimulating.
  • High School Guidance: Navigating through high school can be daunting, but PIE is here to help, with the creation of transcripts, college and SAT/ACT preparation, and scholarships. 
  • Support Networks: Connecting with other homeschooling families is important. Our goal is to share resources where you can seek advice and find encouragement as you navigate your homeschooling journey.

At PIE, we recognize that homeschooling is a personal journey; parents are the ultimate decision-makers in their child's education. Our website offers affordable and non-intrusive guidance, respecting your autonomy every step of the way. Whether you're just starting out or seeking guidance for high school, PIE is here to be your trusted companion on your homeschool journey.

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Our mission is to offer the security of legal compliance while empowering parents to select and execute an educational program that suits their child's needs. Accountability is central to our operation. We coordinate annually with our members, their respective school districts as required, and South Carolina's State Department of Education as required to ensure adherence to regulations and standards.

To facilitate this process, it's important for our members to understand that PIE's school year calendar may differ slightly from their own. Below, you'll find a list of dates for the upcoming school year. By staying informed and aligned with our calendar, you can help us to help you navigate the educational landscape effectively.

The following is a list of dates for each upcoming school year.

  • 04/01/each year: Applications are available online, by email, or by mail.
  • 04/01/each year: A registration fee button is posted between 04/01/ and 08/15/each year for existing members interested in a reduced registration fee.
  • 05/15/each year: The End of School Year Review Forms for Seniors need to be submitted. For members not using PIE’s transcript service, you must include a final cumulative GPA.
  • 06/30/each year: The End of School Year Review Forms for K-5 through 11th grade students need to be submitted.
  • 07/01/each year: The start date of each school year (the time stamp listed on the homepage is reset to 365 days).
  • 08/01/each year: The application for the upcoming school year is due.
  • 08/15/each year: A $10 late fee is applied for existing members registering after 08/15.
  • Start the process over for the next school year.

Login to PIE's School Year Calendar for dates concerning upcoming events that may be important to you.

PIE has a Facebook page, as well as a private group page. Access the member center for the links.

Also, be advised that if your homeschooled student transitions back to a public/private school setting, the school will require the parent or guardian to provide transcripts and records documenting the student's academic progress and achievements during their time homeschooling. These records help the school assess the student's educational background and determine appropriate grade placement or course placement. The specific requirements may vary depending on the policies of the school or educational authority in the relevant jurisdiction.

PIE’s transcript service is available if you need our assistance.


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