The South Carolina General Assembly Website, a public service provided by the Legislative Services Agency (LSA), provides information concerning the laws homeschoolers in South Carolina need to know and follow. Visit South Carolina's General Assembly Website to learn and understand the homeschool requirements for yourself firsthand. This resource will help you get started.

The state has provided a Website useful for researching legislative issues and laws concerning homeschooling. You can access their Web site by visiting the following Web page:

Parents can view the laws governing COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE and Home school programs by visiting the following Web page:

Scroll down this page until you see their Copyright and Disclaimer, scroll down to the second page, and you will find CHAPTER 65, ATTENDANCE OF PUPILS, ARTICLE 1, COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE, section 59-65-10.

Right below the compulsory attendance, you will find section 59-65-20 Penalty for failure to enroll or cause a child to attend school, and then section 59-65-30 Exceptions.

Next you will find option 1- Section 59-65-40 Home schooling programs, option 2 - Section 59-65-45 Alternative home-schooling requirements, option 3 - Section 59-65-47 Associations for home schools; requirements.

Scroll down further to view ARTICLE 3, ATTENDANCE SUPERVISORS.

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