In the past, Palmetto Independent Educators participated in administering the Stanford Achievement Test on an annual basis. As testing resources became readily available to independent educators, PIE's testing services were discontinued.

However, occasionally, a member will inquire about testing opportunities. This section of PIE's website maintains information concerning various testing opportunities for those members interested.

It is important to note; there are no testing requirements under the third option homeschool laws. Therefore, this content is for informational purposes only.

As your child progresses through school, they will more than likely be tested on a number of occasions. For this reason, it can be useful to understand that most tests fall into three basic categories. The three primary ways children are tested are through classroom assessments, district and state assessments, and standardized tests.

Classroom Assessments: Parents have a variety of tests available to them in the home school, including multiple-choice, open-ended essays, performance tasks, quizzes, and demonstrations. Student progress at the classroom level is usually reported through semiannual progress reports and report cards.

District and State Assessments: Most states and local school districts also use assessments to judge student progress. Members of PIE are not required to test through the state or their local school districts.

Standardized Tests: Standardized Tests are national tests written for use in any state or district. For this reason, they are not necessarily aligned with specific state or district standards. Norm-Referenced Tests include:

National tests focus on skills and knowledge generally taught at a grade level across the country using a national sample of students. Typically, such tests are multiple-choice, and they measure skills or knowledge in general subject areas. Results from these tests indicate how your child's scores compare with those of students across the nation.

Standardized tests are administered to assist in appropriate academic placement, assess academic achievement, identify individual aptitudes, explore vocational interests, and examine personal characteristics. Tests are also used to identify gifted students as well as those with special learning challenges. Understanding the differences between these tests will be helpful for both you and your child.

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