A New Journey: Getting Started

A Getting Started Roadmap for Homeschooling

Orientation Course Concepts
Workbook 1: Getting Started (Answers Key inside)

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  • Why Parents Choose to Homeschool
  • A Journey from Margins to Mainstream
  • The Early Roots of Homeschooling
  • The Modern Homeschooling Movement
  • Legal Challenges
  • The Turning Point: Legalization of Homeschooling
  • Benefits of Homeschooling
  • Reasons Parents Choose to Homeschool

  • Where to Start Your Homeschool Program
  • Identify your needs (determine your status)
  • Set your objectives (determine your goals)
  • Include your child (analyze their needs)
  • Basis for goals (select instructional material)
  • Basis for needs (implement instruction)
  • Focus your attention (monitor for discrepancies)

  • Types of Educational Programs for Homeschooling
  • Three State Approved Options in South Carolina
  • Inhouse vs. Outsourced
  • Textbooks vs. Online Material
  • Traditional-style vs. Individualized-style
  • Individual vs. Co-op
  • Dedicated Approach vs. Hybrid Approach

  • Are You Ready to Start Homeschooling?
  • Hidden Potholes: What Can Possibly Happen?
  • Needs and Wants: What Can We Bring with Us?
  • Funding Facts: Who’s Going to Pay for The Trip?
  • Setting Up Your Program: How Hard Can It Be?
  • Considering the Legal Matters: Are There Any Speed Traps?
  • Presentation Equals Passport: How Do I Build My Child-Student's Records?
  • Curriculum, Record-Keeping, and Distribution: Who’s the Boss?
  • Hitting the Road: Do you have what it takes to make it?
  • Requirements Management: needs and preferences.

The Purpose of PIE’s Orientation

The significance of PIE's orientation lies in its systematic approach to effectively communicate responsibilities and expectations to both new and existing members, facilitating their success. This orientation process plays a crucial role in minimizing the potential for misunderstandings while ensuring that vital information is upfront and accessible to individuals contemplating joining Palmetto Independent Educators (PIE).

Furthermore, PIE's orientation offers several additional advantages:

  • Cost Savings: By expediting the adaptation of new parents to their roles as parent-teachers, we enable them to navigate their responsibilities more efficiently, ultimately reducing unnecessary expenses.
  • Boosts Confidence: Newly enrolled members can rapidly build confidence by adopting a mindset that recognizes opportunities and the associated expectations, enhancing their ability to contribute effectively.
  • Enhances Performance: Promoting the use of practical management techniques helps prevent missed opportunities and aligns with our core objectives of cost reduction and confidence-building.
  • Respects Your Time: Time is a precious resource in your educational journey, and how you allocate it matters significantly. We are committed to valuing your time by providing a thoughtfully curated collection of resources.

In summary, PIE's orientation is a cornerstone of our organizational and planning processes, fostering clear communication, cost-efficiency, confidence-building, and effective performance, all while respecting the precious time of our members.

Orientation Course Concepts
Orientation Course Concepts
1. A New Journey: Getting Started
      Why Parents Homeschool
      Where to Start
      Types of Programs
      Are You Ready?
2. Educational Approaches: Choices
3. Develop a Plan: Time to Reflect
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