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Thank you for choosing PIE as your Third Option Homeschool Association.

As a member of PIE, the home-school family enjoys the security of a legal covering while being given the freedom to choose and implement an educational program that best fits their child’s needs. PIE was established in 1996 out of the belief that education should be affordable and non-intrusive.

PIE's school year calendar will be different from yours. The following is a list of dates for each upcoming school year.

  • 04/01/2023: We post the application forms for the upcoming school year by June 1st of each year. Please contact the office for specific instructions for those interested in completing the registration process earlier than the set date.
  • 04/01/2023: A $55 pay button is posted between 04/01/0000 and 08/15/0000 for existing members.
  • 05/15/2023: The 2022 End of School Year Review Forms for Seniors needs to be turned in (finishing up the current school year).
  • 06/30/2023: The End of School Year Review Forms for all students needs to be turned in (May 15th for Seniors).
  • 07/01/2023: The start date of each school year (the time stamp listed on the homepage is reset to 365 days).
  • 08/01/2023: The application for the upcoming school year must be turned in.
  • 08/15/2023: A $10 late fee is applied for existing members registering after 08/15 (a $55 pay button is posted between 06/01 and 08/15 for existing members).
  • Start the process over for the next school year.
  • 04/01/2024: We will post the application forms for the upcoming school year at the beginning of each cycle.
  • 05/15/2024: The 2023 End of School Year Review Forms for Seniors need to be turned in.

Login to PIE's School Year Calendar for important dates concerning upcoming events.

PIE accepts applications throughout the year.

Start off the school year by completing and providing the following to the office of PIE:

 Online Application Form
 Parent-Association Agreement Form (embedded in online application form)
 Online Transfer Form if a student is transferring from a public or private school 
 A copy of the parent/teacher’s diploma or GED for new members only (high school or college transcript or copy of college degree is acceptable)
 Registration Fee: You may use our online payment processing service, or provide a check or money order payable to Palmetto Independent Educators.

$65.00 per family for new members
$55.00 per family for members registered with PIE for the previous academic year ($10.00 late fee applies after August 15th)

Upon receipt of your completed application package (including payment), an acceptance letter will be emailed to you. New Members will also receive a set of membership cards attached to an acceptance letter (hard copy), by mail. Membership cards are good for the duration of the membership.

(May 15th for Seniors)

 Online School Year Review Form (per student)

At the end of the school year, a “School Year Review Form” per student is to be completed and returned to the office of PIE.

Please be advised that if your home-schooled student returns to a public/private school setting, it is the home school parent’s responsibility to provide required transcripts and student records to the school.


Denise Merchant

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