Language Arts: Easy Peasy Review

Easy Peasy: All-in-One Homeschool and High School

EP (Easy Peasy) is a free online homeschooling platform founded by Lee Giles in 2011. It caters to families facing financial, time, or knowledge constraints, offering a comprehensive curriculum from preschool to eighth grade, with All-in-One High School offering content for grades 9-12. EP encourages a flexible and individualized approach, allowing parents to choose courses and themes. The user-friendly My EP feature enables independent student learning, tracking progress without collecting personal data. While the core curriculum is free, optional offline courses and workbooks are available for purchase in the EP store, with a suggested donation for using the My EP feature. The platform emphasizes freeing families from the pursuit of perfection and embracing education that is "enough" for each unique child and family.

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  • Free and Accessible: One of the standout features of Easy Peasy is that it's entirely free. This makes it an excellent option for families on a tight budget or those who prefer to allocate their resources differently.
  • Complete Curriculum: Easy Peasy covers a wide range of subjects, including English language arts, math, science, history, and more. This all-in-one approach means that parents can find resources for multiple subjects in one place.
  • Grade Levels: The curriculum is designed for students from kindergarten to high school. This makes it suitable for families with children of different ages who want a cohesive curriculum.
  • Online Platform: The curriculum is available entirely online, making it convenient for homeschooling families who prefer digital resources. The website is easy to navigate, and lessons are organized by grade level and subject.
  • Self-Paced Learning: One of the strengths of Easy Peasy is its emphasis on self-paced learning. Students can move through the material at their own speed, allowing for flexibility in the learning process.
  • Parental Involvement: While students can work independently, parental involvement is encouraged. Parents are expected to guide their children through the lessons, particularly for younger students. This involvement can be beneficial for fostering a strong parent-child educational relationship.
  • Christian Perspective: Easy Peasy incorporates a Christian worldview into its curriculum. This may appeal to families seeking a faith-based education. However, it's worth noting that the curriculum is designed to be adaptable, and families of various religious backgrounds can use it.
  • Resource Variety: The curriculum includes a variety of resources such as links to online textbooks, videos, and interactive activities. This multimodal approach can cater to different learning styles.


  • Limited Print Options: As an online resource, Easy Peasy is primarily designed for digital use. While this is convenient for many families, those who prefer print materials may find the options limited. Some families may choose to print materials themselves, but this can be time-consuming and may incur costs.
  • Adaptability Required: While the curriculum is comprehensive, it may require adaptation to suit the specific needs and preferences of individual families. Some parents may need to supplement certain subjects or adjust the pacing to better suit their children's learning styles.
  • Grading and Assessment: Easy Peasy provides guidance on grading, but the assessment process is not as structured as it might be in a traditional school setting. Parents may need to take a more active role in assessing their child's progress.

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Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool stands out as a valuable and free resource for homeschooling families. Its comprehensive curriculum, self-paced learning approach, and accessibility make it a popular choice. However, like any resource, its effectiveness depends on the needs and preferences of individual families. It's worth exploring the website, reviewing sample lessons, and considering how well it aligns with your educational goals and philosophy. Overall, Easy Peasy has made a significant contribution to the homeschooling community by providing a quality education option at no cost.

Language Arts: Easy Peasy Review

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